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Saturday, March 01, 2008


Michael and I went to his church last Sunday. He belongs to a Baptist Church in Lithonia. I grew up in a Baptist church, but I probably haven't been to one of their services since I was a kid. I won't say that it was shocking-- it actually felt very familiar in a strange way. It was nice that we got to see Michael's Mom there and visit with her a little. It was also nice that the Pastor called me that night and thanked me for coming, and followed up with a letter later in the week. It was a very nice experience. I'm glad I went, and I'm sure that I'll visit again soon!

After church, Michael and I bought some BBQ sandwiches from Maddy's and took them over to my mother's house for lunch. This was the first time that Mom and Michael met, and it felt very natural and we had fun, although Mom was still recovering from her surgery. I'm sure she was putting on a brave face throughout the visit because she was in a lot of pain, but she was a trooper.

The pictures posted here are from the first time I met Michael's mother (repeat), and the first time that he met mine (new)!


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