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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

No News...

Not much to talk about right now. I returned to work this week to find out that they did okay without me. Hmm. I guess I was hoping the place would fall apart and they'd need me to fix everything. Not the case. I guess I should be happy that I have people in place to handle my responsabilities, but it makes me nervous anyway.

One of the orchids that Aunt Jane gave me bloomed this week. It's pretty incredible. The orchids must like my sunroom... they've each bloomed twice in the past year

We went to my cousin Mary's house last weekend for her son Chandler's graduation party. It was great to see the whole family again, and even cooler that Michael was able to convince Chuck (Mary's partner) to give us a Japanese Maple tree to plant near the pond! I've moved that plant all around the garden, trying to find the right spot for it. I'm still not sure where to plant to it-- but I have a couple of ideas.

My little brother Jim is coming for a visit tomorrow night. He's bringing his girlfriend (I haven't met her yet) to my house and then to dinner in Decatur afterwards. I have a feeling that they are here to make an engagement annoucement, but I could be wrong.

Oh, and by the way-- I'm considering buying a new house.

Like I said--- nothing really to talk about today.


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