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Monday, June 09, 2008

Some Pics of my Flowers

I am having an ongoing war with Mother Nature lately. I have planted and replanted the flower gardens several times. Most of the plants that I've had success with in the past are refusing to stand up to this heatwave. Michael and I planted the gardens full of flowers and they looked pretty for a few days. But even though they were labeled as "full sun" plants, they began to wither. They would revive after I watered them, but a few hours later they would dry up again. I moved all of these plants into the shade of the Bradford Pear and they are doing better now. I replanted the garden with a few more flats of "full sun" plants, but I'm having the same problems. The only plants that are flourishing are the hanging basket, the cannas, the daylillies and the marigolds. Oh yeah, the plants in the pond are doing great-- I had to thin some of them out yesterday, as the pond was getting overgrown. Hopefully, I'll have some waterlily pics to post soon, but til then here are a few glimpses of the flowers that I do have.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

gorgeous flowers!

Lakewood flowers

8:49 PM


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