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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Week in Paradise!

Once again, I am sorry that I haven't posted more regularly. I have a new virus protection on my computer that prevents me from posting pictures on the Blog. What's the point of posting a blog without pictures??? In a desperate effort, I will try posting this blog using my laptop and hope that it works!

To catch you up.... nothing has changed since we last spoke. We took our annual family trip to Hilton Head a couple of weeks ago. Grayson LOVED the beach and the pool. He even swam alone for a few minutes! I am sure that he's trying to figure out what happened to his daily routine-- for 7 days he joined us for coffee at Java Joe's... played in the kiddie pool and then played on the beach and made sand castles. Since we got home, there is no pool, ocean or sand. We do let him play in the sprinkler, but it's not the same.

Anyway... here are a few pics of the highlights from the trip. Enjoy!


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