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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving '09

We had a great time with my family at Mom's house on Thanksgiving day. All of the family was there, except for my brother Jim. Jim went to his girlfriend's family's get-together somewhere in Louisianna. We had a great time and spent most of the day with my family. On the way home, we stopped by Michael's father's house. He was celebrating Thanksgiving alone and seemed to really appreciate the fact that we stopped by. I don't understand that side of my family. How can his children have a huge get-together at the lake and not invite their father? His ex-wife (their step-mother) was invited and enjoyed a fun three days. Maybe I'm being overly critical-- maybe I don't understand the family dynamics. I've only seen the family all together one time, at a wedding. Maybe there are scars that I'll never understand. I just can't imagine shutting my father out of my life for any reason.

Anyway... the day after Thanksgiving we drove up to Lake Alatoona to join Michael's mother and sisters. We weren't able to spend the night as we had originally planned, but we got to spend a few hours with the kids while the rest of the adults went on a Black Friday shopping spree. The lake house was beautiful and the kids had a great time at the lakeside playground. Grayson is growing up so quickly- and he's able to hold his own with the older kids.

I can't believe that Thanksgiving has already come and gone. I can't believe that we are in the "holiday season" already. It seems like only yesterday we were saying "Happy New Year". I guess it's true that time goes faster and faster the older you get.


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