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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Memories, Like the Corner of My Mind

While I was getting things together for next weekends big yardsale, I found a box full of pictures that I had forgotten about. I'm working on a scrapbook for my upcoming 40th birthday, so I decided to go through that box this morning and see if I could find anything useful. Wow, talk about a trip down memory lane!
I found pictures of some of the houses I lived in-- especially ones of the Racquet Club that I rented in college. I had forgotten that there was a big sign on the side of the house with a list of rules for using the tennis courts. I found lots of pictures of old college friends that I had forgotten about. Luckily, I was smart enough back then to write names and dates on the backs of the pictures, so not only did I get to see some old friend's faces, I could even remember their names! I feel like I just attended a one-sided Homecoming. Someday I'll try to look some of these guys up and see what became of them.
I found a few pictures of my first boyfriend, Paul Barnes. I still believe that he was the nicest, sweetest man that ever walked this earth. We had only been dating about a year when he passed away. I believe that we would still be together today if not for a freak accident that took his life.
Of course there were lots of pictures of Steve-- the only guy I ever had a serious long-term relationship with. There were pictures of us in Hilton Head, at lots of parties and some inside our favorite neighborhood bar, Copperfield's. My friends and I would all meet at Copperfield's after work on Friday nights for Happy Hour- the old style happy hour where you got two drinks for the price of one. They always had a free buffett, and sometimes live music. But the best part of Copperfield's was the waiter, Cam. This guy had movie-star looks and a body to match. He wore short shorts-- so short that they were hidden by the little waist apron that was part of his uniform. He was just a kid then (about 20), but we were kids back then, too. I found a picture of Cam in the box- I guess I saved it because I figured he'd be famous some day and the picture may be worth something! I wonder what ever happened to him-- he's probably about 40 now, too. I wonder if he's moved on to great things, or if he's still waiting tables in someother dive!
I loved all of the baby pictures that I found of my nephew and neice-- pictures of different Haloween costumes and pictures of them on vacation with us in Hilton Head. They were so cute and angelic back then!
I had lots of pictures of pets-- I think I felt that it was required to take a picture of each pet, on each roll of film. There were lots of pictures of my cats (Chester, Festus, Frisky, Midnight, Stormy, Jesse, Gizmo & Bixby), dogs (Happy, Charlie, Edward, Winnie, Gabby and Betty), birds (Nicky & Chris, Romeo and Disco), and rabbits (Beulah and Snowball). There was even a picture of my gerbil, Georgette. She was dead in the picture, but you'd never know it-- just before I buried her, I realized that I had never taken a picture of her (I was about 10 years old), so I propped her stiff body up on her exercise wheel and snapped a picture. God, I was a weird kid!


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