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Saturday, September 09, 2006

...and then there were two

I've been too devastated to post the results of last week's episode of Big Brother 7 All-Stars until now. It seems that the unthinkable happened: Janelle was evicted! It all came down to a trivia game about past seasons-- Janelle's forte. They have a similar contest every week, and Janelle ALWAYS wins it. This week, she was up against Mike Boogie (the worst player when it comes to BB history). I was shocked when it was announced that Janelle lost to Mike, and thus she was evicted and sent to the sequestered jury house.

That leaves just Mike and Erika for the final show. The Jury, made up of evicted houseguest, will convene Tuesday night and decide which of these two deserves to win. The winner walks away with $500,000. Second place takes home $50,000. I really don't want Mike to win, although he did play the game very well all season. Erika only really started playing when she found herself in the final four last week. I guess I don't have a huge opinion on who I would like to win- all of my favorites have been evicted and we are left scraping the bottom of the barrel to determine the winner of the All-Star game.


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