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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Billie Holiday

I remember the first time that I heard "Ain't Nobody's Business". It wasn't being sung by Billie Holiday at the time- it was performed by the late Nell Carter on her show "Gimme a Break!". I loved the song and started researching it- I found out that it was originally sung by Billie Holiday, so I went to the store to buy it. The only Billie Holiday album (yes, album) at the time was a "best of...", 2 record set. I bought it and ended up loving EVERY song on it!

Who says that watching sitcoms can't be educational? If it weren't for "Gimme a Break", I might have never heard of Billie Holiday!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The next thing to do is read her life story. It's very sad. Or, perhaps you saw the movie with Diana Ross (she was nominated for an academy award for her performance) -- "Lady Sings The Blues".

5:39 AM

Blogger Brian said...

Yes- I saw the movie- you are right, very sad.

6:31 PM


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