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Sunday, October 01, 2006


After 2 weeks of Boot Camp, several weeks of intense training sessions, and lots of daily lessons from Mom & Martha, Lady has turned into the best behaved dog that I've ever seen! Mom and Martha have worked their asses off and it shows. They loved Lady from day one, but they hated her bad habits. She used to jump on visitors, she'd bark nonstop for 7 or 8 hours a day. She'd growl at children and spent her free time jumping on the furniture, or ripping it to shreads. Thanks to the folks at "Man's Best Friend", Lady is now a calm dog, and she understands her ranking in the household. She is no longer the "Alpha Dog", and she's fine with that!
Below are pictures of Lady during her training classes, at home with her Moms, and during a recent birthday party. During the party she was told to go to her bed. She remained there throughout the night. She was happy to follow directions, and in so doing she got to be a part of the party.
I guess the basic idea behind being a dog owner is that if you aren't training your dog, it's training you! Congrats to Lady and her Moms- the weeks of hard work have paid off!

The pictures below were taken during the training class. The dogs were told to sit and stay. They brought in all kinds of distractions to test their abilities- cats were running free in the training yard. A German Shepherd was brought in, too. Milkbones and tennis balls were thrown about. Lady didn't flinch. She actually closed her eyes and tried not to look.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is that school and how much does it cost?

6:50 PM

Blogger Brian said...

It's off Indian Trail in Norcross. It's pretty expensive, but worth every penny!

7:05 PM


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