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Saturday, September 30, 2006

What a Day!

I got up early this morning and vowed that today would be the day to finally take care of the flat tire. (In case I forgot to post it here, I had ANOTHER flat tire a couple of weeks ago, on the way home from the Braves game). I've been driving on the donut tire for a couple of weeks. I think you're only supposed to drive on those for about 50 miles max- this one probably has over 1000 miles on it- the spare is on my car more often than it's in the trunk!
Anyway- today was going to be the day to take care of it. So, on the way to Goodyear, I had another blow out. This time it was the donut spare- it had finally been worn so thin that it couldn't take another mile. I pulled over to the emergency lane and called the tow truck. I'm probably the only person I know that has the phone number for a towing company and a tire store on speed dial! Debbie at the towing company told me she'd have someone out to pick me up within 30 minutes. An hour and a half later, the truck arrived. My car was attached to the truck and away we headed towards Midtown. It wasn't until after they dropped me off that I noticed the damage to my front end- a big crack down the front side. I took pictures to document the damage- anticipating a law suit to have my car repaired. But I noticed on the receipt that there was a disclaimer "not responsable for any damage that occurs during towing". Damnit- I guess I have to eat this one, I can't sue them for the damage. I can, however, erase their number from my speed dial list and replace it with another towing company!
While my tire was being repaired/replaced, I walked down to the Home Depot shopping center on Ponce de Leon. I had a fun time browsing in Whole Foods and Borders, and then stopped at a Japanese restaurant for a sushi lunch! I was the only one sitting at the sushi bar and I only ordered a plate of tuna tataki. The sushi chef must've been bored, because as I ate, he continued to make dishes and give them to me for free. On top of the tuna, I got a cucumber/snow crab salad, followed by a cucumber/octopus salad-- yummy! He even threw in a few dragon rolls (eel)! He probably would've fed me all day, but my cell phone rang and I had good news from Goodyear- they were able to repair my tire at no charge. It was just the air stem that had broken and caused the tire to "blow out" suddenly (at about 75 mph on Langford Freeway).
I picked up my car, and should've headed towards home. But I had a thought- I was so close to the Cactus Carwash- why not stop in and have the car cleaned? The interior was so nasty from a year's worth of spilled catering jobs and I'vebeen embarrassed to have anyone see the inside. They had a special on interior cleaning and said it would take about 30 minutes. I should've known better- how could they wash/wax the car and shampoo the seats within 30 minutes, especially on a busy day like today? It actually took 3 hours to complete the job, but it was worth it. My car looks brand new, except for the big crack on the side.


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