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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Good Day Atlanta

Once again, I was jipped! Today was probably my 20th close call with being on a TV show in the past year. Usually, the footage that I appear in ends up on the cutting room floor, but I didn't even get that close today!
We arrived at the Fox studio by 7am and got everything set up for Delia's interview for National Breakfast Month. We were featuring our award winning Organic Oatmeal Pancakes (voted best in the nation in a recent AOL poll!). We had everything set up for the cooking demo, Delia and I had already gone through make up by 7:45am. We met the hosts of the show: Mark Hayes and Suchita Vadlamani. What sweet people they were- they couldn't have been nicer. Around 8:10am, the producer came and told us that we would air in 10 minutes. We were getting into place when it was decided that the set looked crowded and it'd probably work better if Delia did the cooking demo with Mark alone. So--- I stood in the shadows of the sidelines, sporting my coolest chef clothes & freshly painted face and watched as Delia did another great interview. I understood- it's a live show and they had to make quick decisions. Besides, I would've probably just been in the way and couldn't add much to the discussion of oatmeal pancakes. Although, I noticed a couple of times when she was asked questions that she didn't know the answers to- I could've helped because I did know all about the AOL poll. I could've offered something in that part of the discussion. But she recovered nicely and the interview went fine.
The strangest thing was that all day people kept asking me what I thought of Tipper Gore. Everyone said that she was interviewed just before Delia. Well, I figured I was crazy and had just blocked it out- or maybe I'd seen Tipper and didn't realize who she was. When I got home from work, I watched the tape and verified that Tipper Gore really was on the same live show that I attended the taping of. I also realized that Suchita was wearing a different outfit during the interview than she was wearing today. They must've filmed that segment at some other time and passed it off as a live interview. The magic of television!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'd be a breat TV chef! Maybe next time you can get some air time.


7:58 AM

Blogger Brian said...

Thanks, Jim!

6:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I use to wait on her at Mitra...Before you took me away from all of that.

11:29 PM


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