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Monday, September 18, 2006

Karaoke King

Last Friday, a bunch of us went to B-52's for their Karaoke night. We used to go often, but I stopped going a while back because I started getting a lot of catering jobs on Saturday mornings, so I couldn't stay out so late. But when I looked at my calendar last week, I realized that the following Saturday was the only week that I could sleep in.

B-52's was the usual madhouse-- there was a large group sitting next to us that were celebrating their friend's 30th birthday. The crowd was very young and very active- they would dance and sing along to every song. I guess that energy (and the liquid encouragement) gave me the guts to sign up for the song that I've always wanted to do, but feared: "Bohemian Rhapsody", by Queen. As I took the stage, I was prepared to flop. But it didn't happen! The crowd was really into it and they helped me along. The people sitting at the bar left their stools and headed towards the dance floor to participate. People were waving their lighters- it was awesome. To quote my friend Rob, I had the attention of everyone in the room!

I followed that song up with my old standby, "Boot Scootin' Boogie". Not to brag, but it was the best version I've ever done of that song. The rednecks that were playing pool dropped their cue sticks and came out to sing along. I know I'm not the best singer, but I picked two really good songs that the crowd got into. I expected a disaster, but what I got was applause! A hunky blonde couple stopped by my table on the way out to say "You Rock!". How cool is that?


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