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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bud Lite in a Fluted Glass

I guess by now that it's pretty obvious that I grew up in a rural area of Georgia! No one I knew had any interest in R&B music-- my friends and I were all fans of Casey Kasem's "America's Top 40". My parents loved classical music. R&B was pretty much unheard of in my neck of the woods. The first time I ever heard an Eartha Kitt song, it was being performed by my college drag queen friend, Jackie Delorean. She wasn't on stage doing this performance either-- we were sitting in her trailer home and she was wearing a silk Japanese robe- no make up, no wig. Just a heavy set, bald man holding a cigarette in one hand and a champagne glass full of Bud Lite in the other. Yet, the performance touched me and I wanted to know more about this "Eartha Kitt". Although she was a true female, every song that I heard her sing seemed to have been written by (or for) a drag queen! Maybe that was just my impression since the only reference I had to her songs was from drag queens. But to this day, whenever I hear ANY Eartha Kitt song, I always think "I'm going to do that number in the next show!".


Blogger epgraves said...

I had this same Eartha song on my blog once, talked about doing it at PALS but changed my mind, Damn good drag song.

11:20 AM

Blogger beverly said...

Yes, the first (and only) time I saw Eartha Kitt on stage was at the Marine Room of the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle in the 60's. She did a version of "Santa Baby" (or a song like it -- can't remember) that would have made any Drag Queen swoon!!!

10:09 PM

Blogger beverly said...

Hey, you removed a blog before my screen stopped jumping long enough for me to read it. Oh, well, this Eartha Kitt story is interesting.

8:06 AM

Blogger Brian said...

How weird! I posted the "Playground" story two days ago and it published with no problem. For some reason, today it reverted to a draft version and had to be reposted in order to be viewed. This have never happened to me before- I don't get it!

Anyway-- it's re-published, and now the music matches the current music.

4:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog use to have music?

11:22 PM


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