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Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Tribute to White Trash Women!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be fair -- show some redneck guys. Hey, I also have earrings like that -- no comments from you, Kitty!! (smile)

8:16 PM

Blogger Brian said...

I would never poke fun at white trash guys- they're the ones I lust after!!!

8:55 PM

Blogger epgraves said...

I was actually going to put that song on my blog a few days ago but I think the other post about the local nut I fell for stopped it because I wanted another song for that post. Gezz, now we're clashing Bri!

10:48 PM

Blogger Daphne Ruth Jenkins said...

Ooh girl, those are some glamorous pics you've got there. I can't believe you didn't include any shots of my sisters in the Jenkins clan, though. It doesn't get any trashier!

And yes, I vote for a hot white trash male pictorial as well.


9:54 AM


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