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Monday, October 02, 2006

We Put the "Fun" in DysFUNctional!

Thanksgiving is a little over a month away- I'm dreading it already. Or maybe I'm looking forward to it. I'm not sure which yet. I know that I'll have interesting stories to tell afterwards! Here's the scoop!

My brother, Jim, is coming to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. He'll be bringing the kids with him, and his new girlfriend, Colleen. I guess I should stay open-minded. I might really like this girl, but all I know of her is this pictures that Jim sent to me tonight. She looks a little scarey! But, she's got to be better than his last partner, Melanie (or was it Melody? I can't remember). Mel was a lazy, free-loading chick. She had three children (two of which were removed from her custody). She lived with her Mom, and collected welfare checks for a living. I've never seen the girl sober. Pure white trash in my opinion. But he loved her, despite all of the red flags. My prayers were answered when Jim told me that he was no longer dating Mel, he had "hooked up" with a 40 year old woman on a recent business trip to Florida. The lovely Colleen.

Following Jim, Colleen and the kids on the route from Memphis to Atlanta will be Jim's ex-wife, Angie. I don't really know why Angie is coming. I love her and still think of her as family, but come on- the divorce is final. Celebrate the holidays with your own family. I guess she had that thought too, because she is bringing her mother, Debbie, and her ex-con brother, Charlie, with her. She's also bringing her latest boyfriend. And when I say BOYfriend, I mean a boy! He's in his 20's- still lives at home with his parents. He's never had a job or much of an education. But she loves him and can't imagine spending a holiday without him. I'm sure that he's thrilled to travel all the way to Atlanta to have a free turkey dinner at his sugar momma's ex-mother-in-laws condo, along with her ex-husband and his new girl. If history teaches us anything, Debbie will also have a date with her- she always does.

It should be very interesting, and I'll be sure to take lots of notes and pictures so that I can relate the fiasco of Thanksgiving here on the Blog. I'm getting a migraine just thinking about it!


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