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Friday, December 22, 2006

Breaking News...

I applied for a job a few months ago. I'm sure you'll remember me talking about it here on my Blog. I have no complaints with my current job. I love the people that I work with, and the people that I work for. The only reason that I applied for a new job is because it was such a great opportunity and one that I couldn't pass by. So when I saw the ad posted on Monster I decided to give it a try. What would it hurt to throw my hat into the ring?
So, it's been a few months since I applied. I didn't get any response. I had all but given up on this job. It's been so long since I applied, I
figured that they weren't interested in me. As luck would have it, the Vice President of Human Resources for the company attended our year end Manager's meeting. I got word a week earlier that she would be there, so I had time to prepare. Ususally at these meetings I discuss upcoming events: employee anniversaries, review dates, advertising promotions, etc. But since I was aware that a secret guest from our corporate office would be attending, I decided to focus on talking about catering sales. I created charts, graphs and spreadsheets comparing 2005 catering sales to 2006 catering sales. It was impressive. Here is a summary: in 2005 I had $38,936.86 in catering sales. In 2006, I sold $73,869.44! Sales increased by 200%!
I don't know if the HR lady passed this info back to corporate or not. But... within 24 hours my phone was ringing and I'm happy to finally annouce that an interview for the national director of catering position is set for next Wednesday. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.. this is big... this could be huge!! This could be everything I've worked my ass off for for so long! I know I'm capable and I believe that I deserve this. After working 70 hours a week for the past few years, I feel as though I've earned it. I just hope I can convey my confidence to the ones that make the decisions! Wish me luck!!! I'll keep you posted!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sincere best wishes on getting the job. You deserve it.

5:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go for it guy! This is good news and if they don't select you, they will be missing a great opportunity.


10:43 AM


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