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Friday, December 08, 2006


Someone named Anonymous posted the following comment:
"Anonymous said...
I'm out searching for comments on dynovite and run across your blog from August 2006. After reading thru September 2005 (before I realised that the 'Cathy' story is from August 2006) and then reading thru September 2006... I have to know!Did she contact you? Where is Cathy? "
To answer your questions, Anonymous:

  • Don't invest in Dynovite-- it's not the miracle that it's advertised to be. The ad says that dogs love it-- mine didn't. I had to disguise it with canned food and flax seed oil to get her to eat it. I fed it to her for 90 days and never saw any improvement.
  • OK, about Cathy--- not a word. She didn't ever contact me. I was invited to a reunion that I knew she was attending, but I didn't go. I didn't want to ambush her after 20 years, especially when I had extended the olive branch and she didn't respond. Who knows, maybe her brother didn't pass on my message or my contact info to her. Maybe he did and it was too much for her to handle. Maybe she just didn't want to reunite, preferring to keep the memories of her teenage romance entact, with no updates. I'm resolved in the fact that our paths may never cross again, and I won't pursue it. Maybe I don't need an update or a reunion either. Maybe I can just remember the good old days and keep those happy memories from the past, too.


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