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Sunday, November 26, 2006

I Need to Check my Calendar...

...this can't be right!
It's not even December yet, but my house is fully decorated for Christmas! I've got the tree up, and even lots of wrapped gifts under it already! Christmas cards are filled out and ready to mail. I only have a few more gifts to buy and the hussle and bussle of Christmas will be over!
On today's agenda: Church at 10:30am, followd by brunch with Kitty, Rob & Anna. Afterwards I'll meet Patrick at the gym for a work out and then we're going to do some shopping at Camp Creek (hopefully I can get those last gifts!). Tonight we're going to break in the new grill! I filled the propane tank yesterday and tested it out-- it lit like a charm! I bought a shish kabob rack and skewers on sale yesterday, so it looks like we'll be having shish kabobs tonight.
Most of my family will be on the road to Memphis soon. The boyfriends (Tim & Denny) left yesterday- Tim by plane, Denny by car. This morning, the Burnett caravan consisting of my brother, Angie and the kids will pull out. Angie's mom, Debbie, will stay on in Atlanta to visit other friends and she'll head back to Memphis next week. Safe travels to all- it's been a fun few days!


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