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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Glimpses of Thanksgiving Weekend

Angie and her friend Carrie created this flower arrangement that served as the centerpiece throughout the weekend. The tangerines in the vase added a nice touch, huh?

The newest member of our family, Tim, took over Joel's kitchen on Friday night and created a scrump-dilli-icious Roasted Salmon (with Orange Reduction) dinner for us all! Of course, salmon is my favorite food in the world, so he won me over with this dish! It's nice to have an executive chef in the family!!!

Joel's dog, Lucy came to the party wearing her new party dress. That "bitch's" wardrobe is bigger than mine! I've never seen her wear the same outfit twice!

My brother Jim & I devoured the appetizers and kidded around in Mom's kitchen while waiting for the main course!

Everyone gathered around the computer to watch a DVD of Ashley's latest horse show -she won a 2nd place ribbon! She lost out to her arch-enemy Meredith. You should hear how Ashley pronounces the word "Meredith"-- I've never heard so much venom come from an 11-year-old's mouth: Mer-e-dith (always said with a sneer).


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