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Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday Frenzy

When I arrived at Best Buys this morning at 4am, there was literally a mile-long line outside. They were giving out vouchers for the various items that were advertised and by the time I got there, all of the vouchers had been given out already. I continued on to Circuit City and found the same situation. So, I mozied over to Home Depot and found that there was no one in line-- I was the first one! I had my eye on a stainless steel grill with side burner. After talking to the employees, I learned that they only had 3. Joel wanted to get a 32" flat panel TV and I found out that each store only had 8 of them. I called Joel and got him out of bed and he headed towards his local Home Depot. He was 4th in line. The people in line behind me were as nice as they could be. One of them went to Quicktrip and got coffee for all of us.

Home Depot opened at 6am and I suddenly lost all contact with the crowd that I had bonded with. As soon as the doors opened, we all scattered and ran to the objects of our desire! As far as I know they all got their TV's, and I got my grill. (Joel reported that he got his TV, too!). I can't wait to get my propane tank filled and grill up a steak or two in the very near future!

After Home Depot I went to Lowe's, Old Navy, Curcuit City and Linens-n-Things. I can't say what I bought because most of the things will be Christmas gifts, but I will let you know that I got some incredible bargains. By 10am, my car was filled to the gills, so I had to return home to unload. I'm going back to the stores this afternoon-- I regret that I didn't have room for the 13' ladder that Home Depot had on sale. Hopefully they'll have at least one left when I return this afternoon after a much needed nap!


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