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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


For a 3 day work week, I had a lot of drama!!! It started with a power outage on Sunday that wasn't repaired until Tuesday~ followed by a break in Tuesday night, and a resignation from our latest Kitchen Manager on Wednesday morning. Is it possible to pack any more drama into a few days?
The work week came to a nice conclusion when Angie and Tim arrived for lunch and I was actually able to sit down and join them. I was all prepared to not like Tim, seeing how he is my brother's "replacement". But he turned out to be a nice guy. We had more in common than I imagined we would- he also works in a restaurant (he's a chef). I liked him so much that I would've encouraged him to apply for the Kitchen Manager position, if he didn't live in Memphis!
So with the work week over, it's time to focus on the stuff that's really important-- family & shopping! I'm looking forward to a few days off and spending lots of time with my family. I don't get to see them often and I miss them so much between holidays. Besides family time, I'm planning on doing some major shopping. It's been my tradition to hit the stores around 5am on the day after Thanksgiving. I've gotten some good deals over the past few years and hopefully this year will be no exception. I found a website that has a sneak preview to all of the "After Thanksgiving Day" sales for the major chains. I've printed out the things that I'm interested in. I made charts of stores that are selling the same items at comparable prices (just in case one of them sells out, I'll have an alternative). Normally I walk into the store blindly and buy whatever I can find on sale; this year I've got it all planned out!
Once again, Happy Thanksgiving to all! Be grateful for your many blessings!


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