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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Vacation Wrap-up

Vacation is almost over-- did I do any of the things that I planned for this week? No. Clara's surgery was postponed til next week, my house is just as filthy as it was before, there are no new flowers in the gardens or window boxes, and there are actually more leaves in the yard now.
It was nice though. A good change of pace. I'd forgotten how different it feels to grocery shop during the day when there are no crowds.
I got to work out with my friend, Patrick, a couple of times this week. It's much more motivating to have a workout partner. Hopefully we'll be able to work around each other's schedules after I go back to work. I met with a trainer today and worked out with her for a couple of hours. Sweet girl, but she's a slave driver! She must be a dominatrix on the side. I hope I'll be able to walk tomorrow after all she put me through.
So, just one more day "off". I have a catering job in Powder Springs at noon, so I'll be going to the 8am service at church; yet another opportunity to sleep in lost! After catering is over, I'll come home and hopefully accomplish some of the goals that I had set for myself earlier in the week. Or maybe I'll just lay on the sofa and watch TV and relax for a change. That actually sounds like fun!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you end up burning that roast??? Never heard the outcome.

7:54 PM

Blogger epgraves said...

Dominatrix on the side? Email me her number......

10:57 PM

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