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Friday, December 08, 2006

Mission Accomplished!

My new office/laundryroom is complete! It only took 4 days, but I feel good that I at least completed one task on my long list of things to do!
The new office turned out great, but now the rest of the house is in shambles! The sunroom looks naked without the desk in it. Joel is bringing the new sofa over tomorrow so I can look forward to a little more clutter and rearranging of furniture. When it's all over, I'll have re-done three rooms in the house! Now that Omega is moving out, I'll have a whole other room to work on in the near future!
Tomorrow's agenda is filling up quickly! I've got a 6:30am catering job at GA State, followed by a few hours of moving furniture with Joel, followed by another catering job at 6pm (a Holiday party in Midtown). No rest for the weary!
Now that I've got a new work space, I'm hoping it will inspire me to write again. I started this Blog with the intended purpose of doing some creative writting. I wanted to tell stories of my childhood, through my warped point of view. I wanted to create characters and give them a life. I wanted this Blog to be more than just a diary of my day to day activities. But that's what it's turned into. I'll make that my New Year's resolution. Get prepared for some wild stories in the future!


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