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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Random Thoughts....

I forgot to mention here that the Biscuit had a photo-shoot for Spin Magazine a couple of weeks ago. They had some professional photographers there all day and got lots of good shots. But they contacted me last week and said that they wanted to use the original photos that I had sent them a few weeks prior, and they wanted the names of the photographers so they could be sure to give credit where credit was due. It turns out that the pics they want to use were all taken by yours truly! They will be using my photos and I'll get credit: "photography by Brian Burnett".
I've got another photo shoot to coordinate tomorrow- this one is with Time magazine. They are doing an article on the Biscuit, possibly a coverstory. I've already submitted my photos to them-- wouldn't it be cool if they chose to use one of mine and I got credit for a cover of Time Magazine? Dream on, Brian, dream on!
I finally got approval to get my car wrapped with the Biscuit logo. I'm not sure how soon it will happen, but I was in touch with the "wrapping" company today- they took photos of my car and they are currently at work designing the decal to custom fit my car! It shouldn't be long now!
My brothers and I are in the process of buying a 2nd unit at our timeshare in Hilton Head. Jim found one for sale the same week, the same building, the same floor as our original unit. This one is a two bedroom, two and a half bath. We outgrew the 1 bedroom/ 1 bath decades ago. We're going to keep the original unit and we can opt to rent it out on the years that we don't need the extra space. The management company can rent it out and they pay us a pretty good fee for the rental. We did this last year when we couldn't use the timeshare and it worked out pretty good. For the past few years, we didn't have enough space- I always ended up sleeping on the floor with the kids. Now we'll have enough space for all of us to sleep comfortably, and the kids will be able to bring a friend and eventually they will be bringing spouses and children. Between the 2 units, we will be able to sleep 14 people! It's going to be a challenge to pull this off- we have agreed to finance it for only 6 months. I will be stretched to the gills, but after 6 months it will be paid off and I will have a vacation spot paid for for the rest of my life. It's worth the sacrafice. We all know that timeshares are the worst investment that anyone could ever make, but for my families purposes they have paid off. They are worth absolutely nothing if you try to sell them. But if you use them every year, you really save money in the long run.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My fear about renting out my timeshare is that it wouldn't rent and I'd be stuck having to stay at Hilton Head. As you know, I use my timeshare points for everywhere BUT Hilton Head.

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