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Saturday, May 05, 2007

"The New Q"...

We got to participate in Heritage Food USA & Slow Food Atlanta's "The New Q" at Studioplex today. The theme of the event was "A Twist on Old School BBQ". It was an honor for us to participate amongst such prestigious Atlanta Restaurants (Shaun's, Woodfire Grill, Repast, Food 101, etc.). We served BBQ turkey over a biscuit, topped with homemade coleslaw. Everyone loved our food, and several people returned time and time again for refills. We were a hit!

It's always fun to do these kinds of events. We get to talk to so many people- some are long time customers. They give us a lot of feedback, mostly positive, sometimes they tell us things about the restaurant that we didn't know. One of the first to visit our booth this morning told me that he used to eat at our place all the time, but he had stopped when we heard that we had been bought out. As I plated up his food, I got to explain that nothing had changed-- I introduced him to the founder of the restaurant, Delia, and assured him that she was still very "hands-on" and nothing had changed. He later returned and told me that he had been won over , and he will return soon. Just changing that one customer's opinion made the entire day worthwhile.

We also get to meet a lot of people that have never heard of the Biscuit. I love talking to them too, and sharing my enthusiasm. I don't know how many, if any, of these people ever actually try out the restaurant later, but at least they walk away with the impression that we are nice people and our food is great. That's about all you can hope for!


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