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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Laid-Back Sunday

After I tell you what all I did today, you want think it was a "laid-back" day, or relaxing in the least. But-- today was just what the doctor ordered! I woke up early and decided to clean the house. I did a pretty good job, too. It's not totally clean, but at least 2 rooms and the kitchen are presentable at last! One more day of cleaning and I could be on the tour of homes!

There were a few stacks of ceramic tiles in the sunroom. Steve was nice enough to give them to me months ago. I unloaded them from the car and into the sunroom-- and there they've sat ever since. Today, I figured out a use for them. Eventually I will have the tiles installed on my kitchen floor, but in the meantime, I made a pretty nifty little end table out of them!

After the house was clean, I went to church and then had a good workout at LA Fitness. I did a little shopping and then came home and cut the grass. I weeded all of the flower gardens and hauled a few loads of rocks from the backyard to the front. I spent a few hours arranging rocks around the pond and I can now say that the pond is 95% complete! After a couple more loads of rocks are arranged, you won't be able to see the liner at all. I also noticed that one of my water lillies is about to bloom! I don't know what color the flower will be-- I have 2 water lillies in the pond. One I got from Lowe's, the other I ordered online. The Lowe's one is the one that will bloom first. I think it's going to be purple, but I'm not sure. I'll post the picture as soon as the flower opens.

So, it was a productive day-- lot's of hard work, but at the end of the day I'll go to bed in a clean house and that does wonders for the soul!


Blogger epgraves said...

I recognized what they were before I read down to that paragraph. Glad you found a use for them becuz they were just wasted in the back storage room at the "House of Relics".

8:03 PM


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