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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy Birthday, Jim!

It's hard to admit, but my baby brother turned 39 today. God, we're all getting so old.

Funny stories surrounding Jim's birth:

  • There was an earthquake in Atlanta on November 7, 1968-- occurring seconds after he was delivered! That should've told us something!!
  • My Aunt Jane woke up her daughter, Mary Catherine, with the good news that Aunt Harriet had had her baby and it was a boy! Mary was only 10 years old, and the only female child in the family. She was really hoping the baby would be a girl. She was very disappointed and all she could say was "At least we won the election". (Nixon had been elected President the previous day).
  • Shortly after the baby was delivered, Mom questioned the nurse about the well-being of the other lady that was delivering that night. "She was screaming so loud all night-- is she ok?". Later she found out that there were no other expectant Mom's in the ward that night-- the screaming she heard was coming from guess who! Those drugs must've been pretty incredible!


Anonymous Joel said...

Happy Birthday to Jim!!!!

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