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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"America's Favorite Stain" Contest- PLEASE VOTE!

Tide detergent is teaming up with Citysearch to determine "America's Favorite Stains". You can vote The Flying Biscuit's tomato salsa from the "Meggxican Wrap" as your favorite stain in Atlanta! We're currently in 2nd place. Please click on the link below, then choose Atlanta from the map, and cast your vote.



Blogger epgraves said...

You got my vote....only because the Varsity chili cheese dog was missing from the list. That is soooo wrong! There is just no excuse for the Varsity being absent...I mean really! It's called "Favorite Stain in America" and it comes to Atlanta for this cities favorite stain.... No mention of the varsity? Wow, that is so not right.

7:33 PM


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