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Friday, March 07, 2008

My Phrase

I coined a phrase a few months ago! I was talking to Michael about someone that I had encountered. I don't remember who it was, or what the situation was, but I do remember that this person was CRAZY! In an effort to explain just how insane this person was, I blurted out that she was crazy as a "3-eyed lion"! I don't know where I grabbed that from-- as far as I know I made it up. But it stuck! It is now part of our everyday vocabulary. Living in East Point, we come across 3-eyed lions just about every day. Our dogs are sometimes referred to as lions. A man in the barbershop this afternoon fit the description to a T. He walked in ranting and raving that the government was targeting black people by putting poisonous Chinese drugs in their dialysis treatments. Conspiracy theory, perhaps? Or just the ramblings of another of our local 3-eyed lions? You decide!


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