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Monday, June 09, 2008

Cool Picture

Michael took this picture a few nights ago. I've tried several times to get a picture of my yard at night, but I could never make it happen. Michael has suggested that I turn the flash off, but I don't like to mess with the settings on my camera-- what if I could never get the flash to come on again? Anyway, Michael took it upon himself to adjust the settings and capture the picture that I've been looking for-- a nightime view of my yard in all of it's midnight glory. I think I've counted 47 outdoor lights in and around the garden-- this picture only shows a few. Something else you can't see--- a woman's face! When I viewed this picture on my camera, I zoomed in on the living room window and saw a woman looking out of the living room window! She had the drapes pulled back and she was looking at the garden! I wish I could blow this picture up and enlarge the window so you could see her, but all of my attempts have failed. So... whoever you are: I'm glad you are enjoying my garden--- maybe you can pitch in with the watering and weeding sometime soon!


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