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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Should've Stayed in Bed....

Today wasn't the greatest of days for me--- first of all, my assistant, Heidi, turned in her notice this morning. She has accepted a new job that offers more benefits than I am allowed to offer. I can't blame her for leaving; I would probably do the same thing if I were in her shoes. I guess the days of sticking with a job until retirement age are a thing of the pasts. Everyone seems to jump from job to job these days-- it's pretty much the only way to get pay increases, I guess. I've always been of the school of mind that if I stay long enough, good things will happen. Usually my theory has panned out. Hopefully this is a good jump for Heidi, though. I will hate to see her go for many reason, topping the list is that because of her I've been able to enjoy at least one and sometimes 2 days off each week, for a change! I guess those days are coming to an end-- I'll be back to working 7 days a week again until I can find a replacement. Damn it!!!! I will also miss Heidi for personal reasons-- she's been a great friend and a loyal employee-- it'll be sad to see her leave.

What else happened today??? Oh yeah, Michael told me today that a friend of ours needed to borrow a dog crate that we had in storage. I made arrangements with the friend to get the crate and have it at my house in time for her to pick it up at 5pm. Well, the day started to get away with me, and I didn't get to the gym until 3pm. How would I have time to work out, swim, go to the bank and the storage unit in time to meet her at 5pm. I cut the workout short... skipped the pool... raced to the storage unit. It took about 30 minutes to search the unit and locate the crate. I got it loaded in my car and headed home with about 5 minutes to spare. Just then I got a message from the friend that she had found someone else to borrow a crate from, and she wouldn't need ours after all. What a waste of time. Now I have a dog crate taking up my back seat-- who knows when I'll have time to drop it back off at the storage unit.

Today was my Uncle's birthday. I had the best of intentions of sending him a card and a gift. My mind has been so frazzled lately that the date slipped in and out of my brain. I thought about it again last night and realized that it was too late to send a gift/card in time for his birthday, so I decided to send flowers. The thought crossed my mind several times, and I swore that I would call the florist all day. Well, the day ended and the florist was never called. I guess I'll have to settle for sending an email birthday card.

Not to be such a downer, I'll look on the bright side: no one in my family died, or was sent to the Emergency Room today (so far..... knock on wood). If you remember my post from a couple of years ago (June 2006, http://brianarcher.blogspot.com/2006_06_01_archive.html) you'll recall that June 25th is my family's bad luck day. As I'm typing this, there is a sting operatoin going on on my street... men dressed in bullet-proof vests and carrying rifles are hiding behind parked cars and waiting to attack. I'm thinking it's probably a good day to stay inside and not tempt fate-- the pond and gardens can wait til tomorrow to be tended to!


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