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Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Hope My Arm Doesn't Get Sore...

...from patting myself on the back! But sometimes it does your ego some good to brag on yourself!

Any of my regular readers can tell you how much I fretted over catering sales near the end of last year. My goal for 2007 was $140,000. It came down to the wire, but in the last couple of weeks of last year, I met and beat that goal.

Now it's July of 2008. I did some number-crunching today and realized that I've already passed last year's goal-- by June I had already sold/delivered over $140,000 worth of eggs, bacon, etc! My goal was to double the sales each year. In 2006 I did about $70k.... 2007 I did $140k. My goal this year is $280k.... I thought it was a little unrealistic a few months ago-- but I was over half way there on June 15th (the middle of the year)!

Of course I'll update you on sales/goals later in the year, but so far 2008 looks to be a very good year!

P.S. This has been a record breaking week in catering sales-- I passed the $8000 level for the first time!


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