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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Memories of a Sunny Day!

It's thundering and lightening out there today! The wind is blowing the trees around and the rain is pouring down!!! I can't remember a rainstorm this powerful-- oh wait, there was that huge storm during the parade last weekend!!! At least this time, I'm actually indoors and can enjoy it!

I'm glad I decided to take pictures outside yesterday instead of today. I got a great shot of my ponds-- it's actually two pictures that I stitched together to make one. I thought it came out pretty good!

Another cool set of pictures I took yesterday is of our cars. Our roommate, Matilda, borrowed her mother's car for the weekend. It turns out that it is a white convertible Sebring, just like mine (only w/o the Biscuit wrap!). I'll call this series "Before & After".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It did turn out "WELL" did it not.

12:23 AM


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