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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Waterlilly Watch

Last week, I came to the conclusion that there were just too many plants in my ponds. A couple of months ago, I bought a few floating water cabbage plants. They flourished in the pond and before I knew it they had taken over. It had gotten to the point that you couldn't even see the lights in the pond at night because the plants had gotten so thick. So-- I pulled out most of the water cabbage and gave it to some friends, and then rearranged all of the plants in the ponds so that all of the water lillies were in the largest pond, and everything else went into the two smaller ponds. I thought this might get the lillies to grow a little more and possible get some blooms. Well, last night we noticed a bud on one of the water lilly plants-- it was small, and I probably wouldn't have even noticed it if I weren't so obsessed with the ponds! I went out and checked it this morning and saw that it was bigger, but still too tight of a bud to see what color it was (although I thought I saw a little hint of white). Later in the day, Michael called me to report the bud had opened and the lilly was in full bloom-- it wasn't white, but yellow. By the time I got home, the bud had closed (they do that as the sun begins to set). I snapped this picture of it. Hopefully I'll get to see it open tomorrow and can get a better shot!


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