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Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Day in the Hood

So... for my anniversary present to Michael, I decided to install some garden walls to keep the mulch from covering the walkway edges that he took so much time to trim and edge. We spent several hours in the yard today working on this project, and meanwhile every 3-eyed-lion in East Point showed up to visit their insanity on us, as I trimmed the front yard with my orange-handled scissors!

Let's start with the little girl across the street. It's not Peaches, but another girl of about the same age. She rode her bike around the driveway in a circle for about two hours. The entire time she was talking to herself loudly, and even arguing with herself about wether this was a "restaurant or a gas station". We tried not to pay atention to her, but suddenly she pulled out a bullhorn and started screming her argument so that no one in the neighborhood could miss the argument that she was having with herself.

Adding to the madness, there was a party a couple of houses away-- a mariachi band blasted the neighborhood with their trumpets. Our neighbors, the Van Meters, stepped outside (with their hair in rollers) to ask if there were any noise ordinances that they could have enforced.

Michael and I decided to take a little walk to check out the fiesta going on nearby. As we turned the corner, we noticed that the street was lined with cars on both sides. We also noticed the parking attendant holding a sign reading "Parking $4". We discussed the fact that our house was closer to the party and that maybe we could charge 5 or 6 dollars to park in our driveway.

As if all of this wasn't enough, there was an older man in an Infiniti that kept cruising the street. The first time he drove by he was picking his nose and blaring country music. Soon after, he reappeared with the windows down and playing BB King. A few minutes later, he circled the block again with a honkey-tonk song blasting and a kind nod and wink as he drove his car in reverse down Westwood.

All in all, it was a great anniversary party that the neighborhood threw for us in absentia. Michael was very pleased with the garden wall, and the free sangrias that we enjoyed as we crashed the neighbor's party. It was a good day!


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