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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lola Lorraine-Bustamonte-Taylor-Johnson-Mobley

Keisha's sister, Lola, got married again yesterday. Lola is only 24, but this is her fourth wedding! She had 2 weddings just last year! She seems to enjoy the wedding part much more than she enjoys the marriage part. Who can blame her? She goes to lots of trouble to pull these things off, and the planning can be a lot of fun. And bless her heart, she still wears white to each of her weddings! I never knew that they made maternity wedding dresses, until the day I saw her waltz down the aisle last year when she was pregnant with little Odessa. Her water broke shortly after that ceremony. Within a month, Lola kicked Tommy out of the trailer and had a huge yard sale. That's where she met Larry Mobley and fell in love again. Larry got her a good job waitressing at the Waffle House and she loved it. Larry proposed to Lola right there behind the counter as she was scarfing down her discounted employee meal of hashbrowns (scattered, smothered, covered and topped). With Lola being a new employee, she didn't get to take any vacation time, and the tips were so good that she didn't even want to take a day off. She asked Larry if he would mind getting married right there in the Waffle House-- during their break. Larry agreed, figuring that he could save a fortune in wedding expenses.

I won't say that the wedding was thrown together quickly, but I received my E-Vite on Friday around 11pm announcing the marriage would be the following afternoon. I didn't know what to expect of a Waffle House wedding, but I must say that they really carried the theme out well. There wasn't an organist at the wedding. To quote Lola, "Who needs an organ when you got a jukebox full of Trisha Yearwood and Wynonna?". Larry's brother, Earl, was chosen to be responsible for getting the music started at the proper time. They gave him a handful of quarters and a list of songs to play (written on the back of an order pad sheet). I was a little surprised that Earl was trusted with this responsibility, and with a handful of quarters since he is still on parole for grand theft. He did a good job though, and even returned 50 cents afterwards. Just as the Judds began to sing "Love Can Build a Bridge", the ring bearer emerged from the little hallway where the restrooms are located. As he walked towards the bride and groom, I noticed that he wasn't carrying the traditional pillow containing the wedding rings-- he was carrying a plate containing a waffle- the rings were sticking out of the middle. Very imaginative! The rest of the ceremony was pretty normal-- well as normal as a Lorraine marriage can be. Well, other than the fact that the bride and groom were standing in the smoking section of the restaurant-- and both smoking throughout the short ceremony. The preacher suggested that they should put their cigarettes out during the holy service, but Lola insisted that this was her break and she always smokes during her breaks. Plus, she wouldn't be getting another break for over an hour and she needed to get her nicotine fix in while she could!

Before I knew it, the couple had said their vows, exchange rings, toasted each other with apple juice, served each other a piece of cake (actually pancake) and disappeared behind the swinging doors leading to the backroom. A few minutes later, Lola was back at work behind the counter, never missing a beat.

Congratulations, and the best of luck to Lola and Larry!

Wedding photos:
Earl and his girlfriend, Rayleene:

Before the nuptials began, Lola's mother Hattie helped her with her earrings:

The toast (I'm still suprised that they didn't use real "toast"):

The Bling!!

Lola with pancake on her face, after the "cake" part of the ceremony:

Larry getting dressed to go back to work afterwards:

Lola, back at work again, minutes after her wedding:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My power just came back on after more than 4 hours and I was delighted to read about Keisha's sister's 4th wedding. Where do you get those photos???

5:43 PM

Blogger Brian said...

Beverly-- I wrote this with you in mind! I knew you'd like it-- and that you've missed the tales of "Keisha's Family". I'll try to keep you updated more often. :)

8:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Into what kind of family am I marrying?

12:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just noticed her last name was Mobley. lol

8:30 AM


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