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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Biscuit News...

It's been a great week to be a "Biscuiteer"! The results of City Search's "Best of" contest were announced this week~~ we got the "Best Breakfast" award for Atlanta!

A couple of days later, Creative Loafing issued it's "Best of '08" awards and we swept the breakfast categories: Best Biscuits, Best Grits, Best Brunch and Best Breakfast! Wow, 4 awards from Creative Loafing this year! I can't remember ever racking up that many at one time! We should be getting a plaque for each of the categories.

I figured that the awards would start dwindling out after it was announced that we were purchased by Raving Brands and that we were franchising. A lot of people don't really support franchises or consider them "real" restaurants. I think the fact that we are so involved in our communities helps a lot and gives each of our locations a special home-town feel.

Another highlight at work this week- the Pre-K Biscuit Tours! We had 15-20 kids each day this week. Once again, they got to see biscuits being made, got to cut out their own biscuits, spent time with the dishwashers and line cooks. They are always amazed by the cooks! This is my 5th year leading these tours and it always amazes me that the kids are so well behaved and appreciative of the time we spend with them. I got so many hugs and "thank yous" from about 100 kids this week-- it's magical!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Brian!

By the way, your neighbor around the corner, Mark Collins, won Best Emerging Visual Artist from Creative Loafing readers. Unfortunately, there was another Mark Collins artist and CL posted the web link of the wrong one. Given the sheer numbers I know our Mark was getting in the votes, there's no question in my mind that he was the real winner. (Not to mention that the other one is an "established" artist, currently showing in NYC, and not suited to the category of "emerging.") We're in touch with CL to get it straightened out and to have them post his web address too: http://www.grigely.com/


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