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Saturday, September 06, 2008

An Historic Week!

Two GREAT things happened within the past week:

  • Sarah Palin was nominated as McCain's running mate at the RNC. Great news-- I love her spunk!

  • My roommate, Matilda, moved out. Nothing against Matilda, but since she moved in, I've been sharing a closet and a dresser with Michael. Now we have our own clothes storage spaces, and we can now enjoy the right to walk around the house naked again!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please tell me your not considering voting REPUBLICAN!

4:16 PM

Blogger Brian said...

Err... I would love to discuss my political plans with you anonymous, but I have no idea with whom I am speaking.

5:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Voting REPUBLICAN is the only alternative to Obamaramapanoramajamaraiseyotaxa.

12:04 PM


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