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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Magic Act...

Once again, I have the opportunity this weekend to attempt do my famous magic act of turning chicken shit into chicken salad!

I'm catering a wedding on Saturday.... this will be a very upscale event-- white tableclothes, table service, servers dressed in all black, etc. The couple getting married are very laid back and casual, but the wedding is being held in a museum, surrounded by King Tut artifacts! The couple decided to pay the $500 fee to use a caterer that is not on the museums preferred vendor list. The museum rep informed me that only top-notch, high-profile caterers are allowed on his list, after being referred by a department head. His comments made me feel like I was a bottom-feeding caterer-- only capable of tossing a couple of biscuits on a table and calling it a day.

I want this wedding to be phenomenal-- not only for the couple (because I really like them and we've been working on the plans for over 6 months), but to prove myself to the museum rep. I met him last week for the first time, and he really is a nice guy. I'm hoping that once he sees our food and service, he will be impressed enough to put us on his list of preferred caterers. I've got a great team of servers and bartenders to help me. I even recruited Michael to work the wedding, because I am confident that not only will he give impeccable service, he will help me direct the rest of the team and with his help I'm sure that I can pull this one off.

Keep your fingers crossed for me-- catering a wedding always makes me nervous. It's a HUGE responsibility and privilege.

(pictures show the space where the wedding/ prereception/reception will take place)


Blogger epgraves said...

Unsolicited advice. If you want to get anywhere near that prefered list, you have to do the posh caterers outfits, plain black won't do it. Bow ties or chef white. No offence intended but I know the high end side of Atlanta, I spent the yearly adult years failing to ever fit in at events I worked.

10:50 PM

Blogger epgraves said...

A $500.00 fee if you don't pick from their list?

10:53 PM

Anonymous Modesta said...

Well written article.

11:09 AM


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