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Friday, August 15, 2008

Dream Home

I found my dream home last week in Hilton Head. It's located right on the beach. Can you imagine sitting on the porch and watching the sunset? Dream on, Brian... dream on!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree it is quite a beautiful house. However, it would be impossible to watch the sunset. As you pointed out, it is on the beach, which is on the eastern end of the island. The sun, last I checked, set in the west. I will enjoy years and years of watching the sunrise with you. If, I can get you out of the habit of going to the gym at 5am while in Hilton Head.
Love Ya,

9:30 AM

Blogger Brian said...

Thanks for the correction, Pod. I should have written "sunrise" instead of "sunset".

You have to give me a little slack though-- I hardly ever witness sunrises or sunsets. I'm normally in my windowless office at work with the sun comes up, and I'm normally in bed asleep before the sun goes down. It sucks!

4:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to the time we get to spend time with one another.

12:48 AM


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