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Friday, August 08, 2008

Hilton Head- Day 5

I feel like I'm falling into a routine that I won't be able to duplicate when I get home-- gym at 5am, coffee hour at Java Joe's at 7am, on the beach with a beer in my hand by 11am!

Michael and I went out out in the ocean for a little while. We weren't too far out, just past the point where the waves break. We were singing show tunes, of course. This time they were from "Evita". All of a sudden, I felt it: a jellyfish sting on my right hand. Suddenly, my left leg was on fire, and then my right leg. Luckily, Michael didn't get stung. I'd probably never get him in the ocean again! We swam as fast as we could to get out of the water and headed toward the lifeguard stand for some treatment. There was a lifeguard stand nearby, but I remembered the very handsome lifeguard at the next stand down the beach. This guy was Russian, and the accent just made him hotter. He sprayed a vinegar solution on my legs and hands. Michael seemed to like this guy too, because before I knew it he was asking to get sprayed too, even though he didn't have any stings! We learned that the jellyfish stings occur most often around and after 12pm. I'll need to remember this tidbit for next year.

I ran into an old friend named Dawn. We used to hang out here at Sea Crest when we kids. We'd see each other on vacation every year, and keep in touch through letters between vacations. Of course, we didn't have email or MySpace back then, so we had to actually write letters and mail them! Anyway, Dawn's daughter is here too, along with her fiance. It's hard to believe that the kids I used to be friends with have friends of their own, and that this next generation is already in the marrying phase. They grow up so fast.

Ashley has really enjoyed this vacation. She's 13 now and becoming a woman. The boys here are crazy for her! We were on the patio overlooking the pool and we saw Ashley come around the corner-- followed by 5 boys. She's been busy flirting with one boy, Taylor (who I discovered is the son of my friend Dawn) all week, but lately she's more interested in a boy named Eric. Oh the dramas of being a teenager!

Of course we missed out usual trivia night at Oz Pizza, but we did get to fit a trivia game into our vacation. We went across the street to the Frosty Frog and played trivia for a couple of hours. Their trivia is played on the TV screens and each player gets a game unit so they can play along. Scores are posted after each question and there are no prizes, but it was fun anyway. It was pouring down rain outside, so playing trivia in a bar was an excellent alternative.


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