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Monday, August 04, 2008

Hilton Head- Day 2

We all went to Savannah today to pick up Jaime. The rest of the family took a trolley tour of the city, but since I had done that before and Michael and I have both been to Savannah a hundred times, we opted to skip the trolley and take our own self-guided tour of River Street. We had a fun time going through the shops and eating at Spanky's. It's getting harder and harder for us to enjoy a restaurant meal with being overly critical about everything that occurs throughout our dining experience. Today's lunch at Spanky's was a perfect example of everything not-to-do when running a restaurant. It started with the hostess sitting the two of us at a 6 top table. Then she realized the error of her ways and moved us to a 5 top. The waitress was sweet and efficient, but after taking our orders she never returned until it was time to drop the check-- which she plunked on our table without so much as a "thank you". The food was good, and not too expensive for the amount of food that we got.

We didn't do too much else today-- just coffee by the pool this morning after the gym.... a long nap after the Savannah sidetrip... fried chicken with the family this evening. No pools today. No oceans today.

There isn't much on the agenda tomorrow either. Maybe we will do some reading at the beach, or I'll take Michael around the shops across the street. Not sure what we'll do. We are having dinner at Hudson's with our friend Mary tomorrow night. That's always fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmmmm! Hudson's is my favorite place to eat in the whole Savannah/HHI area. Can't beat their shrimp. Enjoy! (Side trip idea: There's a dolphin tour boat that leaves from the River Street Hyatt dock. Takes you all the way down the river to out past Tybee (2 forts, 2 lighthouses, sunken dredger). A lot of fun whether you find dolphins or not, but you usually do.)


12:50 PM

Blogger Brian said...

It just hit me why Hudson's might be on the top of your list Kevin Hudson! It's always been a favorite of mine, too!

10:16 PM


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