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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Morningside Market

Delia and I did a cooking demo at the Morningside Market this morning. We brought along my buddy, Tiffany, to train her how to do these events. I'll be on vacation the first week of August, and Delia has several demos scheduled that week. She hasn't done a demo without me in about 5 years, so she's been a little nervous about pulling it off and getting a new assistant trained. Delia and I have been doing these demos for years, and we run like a well-oiled train! Tiffany did a great job today, and I'm sure that she'll make an excellent replacement for me during my absence.

After our demo, Delia spent some time selling and signing her cookbooks. I'm not sure how many we sold, but she had a pretty long line forming. Two of the ladies pictured here were very interesting. They were twins-- I would guess that they are around 65-70 years old. Their last name is Hilton, and they refer to themselves as the "Hilton Twins", not to be confused with Paris Hilton and her ilk! Nice ladies.

The Morningside Market is a very cool event. It's held every Saturday during the Summer, and there are about 40 farmers that participate each week. They sell mostly organic vegetables, but you can get organic eggs, cheap bouquets of flowers and other items there as well. I bought a bag of organic baby cucumbers. After the show, some of the farmers pitched in and gave each of us a bag full of produce. In my bag was several ears of corn, some multi-colored green beans (I guess that I should just call them beans, since they weren't all green!), a big garlic bulb with the stalk still attached (I've never seen it this way and I was amazed, for some reason!), a loaf of organic rosemary bread and some micro peppercress (what the F will I do with peppercress? I've never heard of it, but Michael says that it's a garnish). I got a bar of lavender soap also---- not sure how that fit in with the organic food market, but it smells nice and I'll use it!

I don't really get the fascination with organic products, but I do like the idea of an open-air neighborhood market. I like the idea of supporting local farmers, too. I wish we had something like this here in East Point. I'd support it every week. There's just something about meeting the person that you're buying the produce from... and you feel healthier and happier just carrying a sack full of vegetables and a bouquet of flowers around with you!

It was a fun day, and I'll definitely return to the market soon. BTW, there is also a green market event held at Piedmont Park each Saturday in the Summer-- we've done a few demos there and we're slated to do another one in September. I'll keep you posted-- you'll want to come to one of these markets and get your spirits lifted!


Anonymous Steph McKinnell said...

The market at St. Phillip's Cathedral in Jesus junction is so much better and bigger than Piedmont Park or Morningside!

2:16 PM


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