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Friday, July 25, 2008

A Mind is a Terrible Thing...

I used to do some part-time work at a local store that sold antiques and home/garden decorations. I'm going to be very discreet here and not mention the store or the owner's name, but you will probably figure it out. I haven't worked there in several years, but somehow I got on their mailing list. I didn't sign up for it, and my first instinct is always to delete/ unsubscribe. But..... I get so much enjoyment from this newsletter each month! Apparently, the owner of the store is now an overly enthusiastic real estate agent. Hell, when I knew him he was only a slumlord! He's moved up a rung, I guess!

If I didn't know this person and I blindly received this newsletter, I would swear that the author was of Asian decent and that they used an inept translator to put this message together. I don't know why I'm picking on Asians-- I guess because it's written in a "Confucius Says..." style, or maybe I'm the only one that reads it that way.

I'm not trying to be overly critical-- it's just that I receive a newsletter from this guy once a month and each one is progressively worse than the one before. If I were interested in buying another home, this would be the last real estate agent that I would hire to help me. Real estate contracts are very technical and one word can change the entire legal meaning of the contract.

In the example below, this guy writes 4 paragraphs. I see a major grammar or spelling problem in each and every one of them. He even misspelled the first word of the message, and it's an easy one! Come on, man! This is your business- your livelihood! You have 4 paragraphs to "Wow" your customers... can't you at least bother to use spell check? I'm sure that someone has pointed out your lack of grammatical skills in the past!

Enjoy the newsletter below:


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