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Monday, September 01, 2008

Patio Update

The patio is just about complete. The contractor has finished his part, and I've almost finished mine. I added the edging to the flower bed, removed the grass, added dirt to raise the beds, planted some mums and added the mulch. I put the finishing touches on it this morning and I'm very happy with the outcome. Of course, this project will never be finished, the flower bed will be a work in progress for years! I want to plant bulbs, pansies and snapdragons this Fall-- it's a little too early for that, so the mums are pretty much temporary, but I wanted to give myself and the neighbors the feeling that the project was finished!

I had a great idea for the patio today-- there is a big space beside the walled garden-- it's kind of a dead space right now. I had it built this way so that I could add a brick walkway leading to the backyard (someday). Today I had the great idea of putting a whisky barrel pond in that area. I think it'd be cool, and would add the water element and sound that I love so much to the patio. My other ponds are not too far away from the patio, but you can't really hear the water noise from that distance-- I'd love to have a little pond nearby, with a water fountain and some pond plants to create a little ambiance!

Speaking of the other ponds-- I have a new resident in the large pond... another frog has found it's way into my yard. He's a little shy and mostly I only catch a glimpse of him as he dives into the water as soon as I come into sight. I wasn't even sure if it was a frog, or my imagination until a couple of days ago when I spotted him actually sitting on a lilly pad! Hopefully I can get a picture of him to share with you soon.


Blogger Joel said...

The patio looks great. Enjoy!!!

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