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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hollywood... Here I Come!

(pictured below: my last trip to Hollywood in 1995)

Michael and I will be vacationing in Los Angeles this week. Here we are at the 12th hour and I still haven't reserved a hotel room. I'm hoping to stay at the Roosevelt. I stayed there once before and found it to be a great hotel-- very chic! The Roosevelt was the location of the first Academy Awards, and all of the rooms are decorated with celebrity memorabilia. The last time I stayed there, I was in the Judy Garland suite. For the rates that they charge, the ghost of Judy Garland herself should have at least come to visit to share a nightcap and to tuck me in each night!!!

We'll be home on Saturday and I'll share some pictures and details of the trip with you then. Now, I've got to get back to expedia.com to try to secure a reservation~~ I'd hate to be down and out in Beverly Hills!


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