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Monday, October 06, 2008

A Tale of Two Cities...

We went to the Destination East Point Festival on Saturday. I hate to say it, but it was pretty much a waste of time. There were probably 50 booths... 75% of them were food vendors. The remaining 25% was comprised of churches, face painters, and Obama T-shirt vendors. I was tempted to get my face painted, just so I would have something to remember from this festival, but my better judgement kicked in. I probably wouldn't have had such a bad impression of the Festival if I were a first time visitor. I've been going to this annual celebration for years now and have such great memories of festivals-gone-by. After a quick stroll, we headed back to the car and headed Eastbound to the Hotoberfest in Glenwood Park....

Hotoberfest was a blast! The park was crowded, the people-watching ranked right up there with Hartsfield! There were 110 booths-- all giving away free samples of beer! I got to try some of the ones that I've been thirsting for: Flying Dog, Full Sail, Butte Creek, Ommegang & Left Hand Brewing. My favorites were Flying Dog's "Doggy Style Pale Ale", and Butte Creek's "Organic Pilsner". Of course, we didn't sample all 110 beers, but we had fun with the first 50 or so! Michael even figured out a scheme to get us into the VIP tent-- the beers there were a little more upscale, and the port-a-potties were nicer too!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was not a scheme, I was suppose to have VIP tickets.

1:18 AM


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