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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Noises in the Wall

My office is haunted. A lady name Bunny died in my office 13 years ago. Her body was found in the same spot that my desk currently sits. Bunny shows up from time to time- one day last year, she threw a roll of tape at me- no one else was in the room. She went dormant after that... until a few weeks ago. Bunny's been very active the last few weeks: she popped PJ's bra strap the other day, she put an imaginary bug down my shirt (I could feel it wiggling around, but there was nothing there). One day, 4 of us were in my office and we all sensed someone walking past us. A couple of days ago, a picture fell off the wall and hit me in the head. Monday, I started hearing noises in the office. They were coming from the wall next to my desk. Nonstop knocking. We thought there was an animal trapped in the wall- a squirrel, a rat or something. The knocking sound went on nonstop for three days. My boss wouldn't even go into her office because of the noise trapped inside of the wall between our offices. It was constant. In desperation, we had a talk with Bunny last night. We asked if this was the anniversary of her death, we apologized for not recognizing it if that was the case. My boss talked to her directly and asked her to stop messing with us. Bunny must've heard us, because when I got to work today, the knocking had stopped.


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