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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wedding Annoucement

Keisha's cousin, Candie, got married last weekend! I know it's a surprise- it was a shock to all of us! Candie met Spud Webber a couple of months ago at the Golden Arches Trailer Park's St. Patrick's Day party. Candie, being a long time resident of the trailer park and Co-President of the Neighborhood Association, was in charge of the days festivities. It sounds impressive, but in reality her only job was to pour the green food dye into the creek that runs behind the motor homes located in slots 13 and 14. Spud wasn't a resident of the trailer park, but he'd seen an ad for the party on a telephone pole, and thought that it sounded like fun. Free Schlitz!!! Who could turn that down?
As fate would have it, Candie had just started pouring the green dye into the creek when Spud wandered behind slot 14 in search of a private spot to take a leak. He didn't even notice his future wife, with her legs straddled over each side of a drain pipe at the mouth of the creek. Candie was so involved in her project that she didn't notice her future husband as he proceeded to drop trou and feed the fish his "golden nectar".
Candie was putting the lid on her empty food dye jar, just as Spud was shaking off the last couple of drops before zipping up. Their eyes met and the rest, as they say, is history. By the end of the party that night, they had promised each other eternal love and were engaged. They didn't want to rush into marriage, but that's what happened!
Candie always imagined a big wedding with her riding in a horse-drawn carriage up to the alter while Dolly Parton and Trisha Yearwood sang a duet of "I Will Always Love You". What she ended up with was a shotgun wedding held in the field behind the Golden Arches Trailer Park, alongside the creek that Spud now calls the "Yellow River". But, she's not disappointed-- in fact she's proud to be married to the man who won "The Best Yard Sale" category in the 1986 issue of the Creative Loafing.
Congratulations to Spud and Candie Webber!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And to think I gave Candie that red shawl but it was meant to be worn on her wedding night NOT meant to be worn on the big day!! Oh, well, congrats to both of them. It looks like a marriage made in heaven.

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