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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Great Dane!!! (and Weekend Wrap-up)

Friday night we took my cousin Martha to Panos and Pauls for a birthday dinner. The food was incredible and we all cleaned out plates. I was tempted to lick the bowl after finishing off the lobster bisque appetizer. Martha had a great birthday and we enjoyed our 2nd fancy meal of the week together!
I met my first Great Dane yesterday. Her name is Francine and she's the sweetest, best behaved dog in the world! I've never seen a dog that big in my life! Her back was higher than my waist, and she weighs 165 pounds (35 pounds more than me!). I'll never tell anyone again that I have 4 "big" dogs. My dogs are chihuahuas compared to Francine!
Francine is the "daughter" of my new friends, Pete and Francois. I had the pleasure of meeting the three of them in the house that the Biscuit sponsored for the Grant Park Tour of Homes. My job that day was to hand out gift cards to the first 10 visitors and pass out menus and other promotional info. That was my job, but I really didn't do much more than sit around and drink Mimosas and chat after the first 5 gift cards were distributed. It was a great day! Peggy Jean was all set up on the back patio cooking up sandwiches and other finger foods and neighbors were dropping in to eat, drink and visit. It was a lot of fun!
On the way to the Tour of Homes, I passed an Estate Sale and my car automaticlly pulled into the driveway! They had the best stuff at this sale-- I wished that I had more money and a pick up truck-- I would've bought just about everything that they had! I ended up getting a 29 gallon aquarium and stand for $40. What a deal! It included the hood and filters and gravel-- everything but the fish! I've been wanting an aquarium for years... I gave my last one away when I moved to East Point. I had moved that thing so many times and didn't want to move it again, so I gave it to a neighbor. Ever since then, I've regretted it. Now I have an exact duplicate of the aquarium that I gave away. I set it up in my sunroom last night and today I went to Petco and they were having a sale on Tropical fish-- 5 for $5. I got about 20 fish- neons, tetras, angels, and swords. I also got a mixture of live and fake plants. It's looking pretty, and I love having a water feature in the room that I spend so much time in.
Today I got up early and went to the 8am service at church. Afterwards, I had a nice chat with the Priest and Associate Priest concering my Confirmation on June 4th. I can't believe it's only 2 weeks away! Time flies! I met a nice man today at the early service and he asked if I was a visitor. I said no, but then re-thought it when I realized that after all of this time, I really am just a visitor. Two weeks from now, I'll be able to call myself a member.
After church, I had to go to work to do a catering job-- a brunch for a girl that is graduating from high school this week. I met her parents and grandmother and really enjoyed my time with them. This is the thing I like about doing catering: I get to help them plan the party, I get to talk to the customer about what they really want and then I sweep in and pull it off, just before their guests arrive!
When I got back to the restaurant, there were two film crews there: one from Channel 46, doing an expose about the sale of the Biscuit to Raving Brands. The other was the crew from TV One that I worked with earlier this week. They came back to do some crowd shots and some pictures of our sausage gravy.
The rest of the day was spent fish-shopping and settling all of the new babies into their new home.


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Maybe it IS the same aquarium you gave away!!!

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